Maximum Protection

The business company Safety Level 5 was established 2011with registered office in Budapest, Hungary, as an affiliatedcompany of the business company Trezor Volga d.o.o,Belgrade, Republic of Serbia. Core activity of the businesscompany is import and distribution of personal protectiveequipment, fire-rescue equipment and environmentalprotection equipment.

After seven years of successful cooperation with the steelmill U. S. Steel Serbia (Smederevo, Republic of Serbia) anddocumented assessment of the company Trezor Volga asreliable and quality supplier, the company Trezor Volgareceives recommendations by U. S. Steel Serbia and invitationfrom U. S. Steel Кošice s.r.o from Slovakia to participate atinternational tender for procurement of protective equipmentfor the needs of this legal entity. Tender was implementedduring 2011. The condition for signing distribution agreementis registration of the company in the territory of the EuropeanUnion. Distribution agreement between Safety Level 5 Кft andU. S. Steel Кošice s.r.o. Кošice was signed 2011.

Primary mission and business policy of the companySafety Level 5 are based on professional and continuousimplementation and improvement of the quality of providedservices. Through the strategy of cherishing partnerrelations with users and suppliers, continuous improvementend education of employees and end users, our objectiveis to respond to the most specific market requirementsand provide satisfaction of business partners, as well asoccupational safety and environmental protection.

The social responsibility concept of the business companySafety Level 5, as market oriented business system, meansconsistent obedience of laws, standards and codes, rationalconsumption of natural resources and use of technologiesand materials with minimum negative impacts onthe environment.